Isa. 65:20 I'm Ryan Orrock. ([[My story]]) And we are restructuring society. Because I don't like the way things are heading. We want more [[Freedom - Map of Content (MoC)|freedom]]. We do this by healing [[Healing Trauma Map of Content (MoC)|trauma]] and by [[Perfect Relating - Map of Content (MoC)|relating more peacefully]]. This site is a map of my mind around these topics. In other words, if you sat down to talk to me, this is what I would say. I have structured this site according to what I think is most important to do so. I constantly add to the site. Let's discuss what you think. Use [[Contact me|this link]]. How do we [[What are we doing here|create a new world]]? A world of [[How can we become free|freedom?]] ([[How this site is organized]]?) This site is updated almost every day! Come back often. ### Deep Topics [[White Tigress Taoism project|Neo-White Tigress Practices]] - Youth and longevity through sexual energy ### Misc topics <!-- [[This whole site is a work in progress]] [[Upcoming topics]] --> [[How to contribute to my work]] [[Contact me]] <!-- [[What I did today]] --> <!-- Experiment [[I comment on the news]] [[FunnyDeep]] --> Inspiration for this? [Andy's Notes]( <!-- Want to know what has been recently updated? It's here: ![[Recent_Changes]] -->