Isa. 65:20 - The Future I thought something was weird in the world growing up. It wasn't...quite right. It didn't make sense. So, I started to pull at loose threads... * Ask questions that you're not supposed to ask. * Read things you're not supposed to read. * Watch things you're not "supposed to" watch * Listen to people you're not "supposed to" listen to. Slowly, those threads began to unravel. And I found out that basically our entire world is the story of the Emperor's New Clothes. It doesn't matter which system: * Education * Health and medical * Financial * Religion + spirituality * Government + social * Sexuality and relating * History * ...even cosmology! It's virtually all a *giant pack of lies*! In other words, if you want to be **poor**, "fat, sick, **and** **nearly dead**", **ignorant**, with **_low-quality_ relationships** you don't enjoy: do what you are taught (or weren't taught) in school, in your family of origin, in mainstream religion, and follow what you see on TV and do what the government says. It scarcely matters which school or family or religion or government I'm referring to, either. (Because they are all pretty much the same). I had to learn almost everything about every process of happy living from scratch. If, however, you would like to _live much longer_, and *just maybe* **forever**, have sparkling **health**, relationships that light you up, ignite you with passion, and inspire you, have your financial situation transformed, find loving community, and have deep meaning, contribution and powerful experiences, then listen! In this site, I have collected the wisdom I have discovered and gathered them into a cohesive whole, for your perusal. If you'd like to dive deeper, courses and workshops are available as well. For now, click the topic that interests you (Reorganizing! Under construction!): * [[Physical Health]] * [[Sexuality and Relating]] * [[Freedom and social structures]] * [[Money and finance]] * [[Religion and Spirituality]] (formerly LDS!) * ...and much more. New article: [[What is Truth]]? <!-- I'm Ryan Orrock. I grew up LDS. I had a crisis of faith, went on a loooong journey to find myself (and what else was out there). Then, I returned to the US and am now passionate about the 'life abundant' that Jesus describes and all the things I Was Never Told About. I want to offer LDS, current or former, stories and ideas for all the challenges that I faced in my journey, as well as conservatives who see that things aren't going well in the US. We need some radically different thinking to improve things. --> <!-- ***Right now, we are playing [[Poker]]!***--> I am committed to [[Freedom - Map of Content (MoC)|freedom]]. There is a lot to learn and do to re-establish freedom. We support freedom and abundance by healing [[Healing Trauma Map of Content (MoC)|trauma]], by [[Perfect Relating - Map of Content (MoC)|relating more peacefully]], and by reframing how [[Sex 3.0|sexuality is practiced]]. ([[How this site is organized]]) ## Support and contact <!-- [[This whole site is a work in progress]] [[Upcoming topics]] --> [[How to contribute to my work]] [[Contact me]] <!-- [[What I did today]] --> <!-- Experiment [[I comment on the news]] [[FunnyDeep]] --> Inspiration for this? [Andy's Notes]( ### Adv. Energetics and Sexuality [[White Tigress Taoism project|Neo-White Tigress Practices]] - Youth and longevity through using life and e\*otic energy [[Sexual energy and Female Leadership]] ### Philosophy [[What is the Game of Life]] <!-- Want to know what has been recently updated? It's here: ![[Recent_Changes]] -->